Want to be the boss again?

Wound Care United

Why Choose Us

Want to be the boss again?

Want to see less and make more?

Are you looking to supplement your present income?


Look to see the opportunities in Chronic wound management with Advanced Modalities. Here’s what we do in a nutshell:


We set up your practice, handle all the paperwork, and then allow you to decide which two pathways are best for you. You can remain an independent practitioner with us taking care of all the administrative tasks, billing, and purchasing of wound care products upfront, while we guide you to success.


We get paid once you achieve cash flow. This way, there is no initial cost to you and very little risk (as we can provide the training, having set up many practices throughout the country).


Alternatively, you can choose to be a contracted employee of our company, with us handling everything (setup, billing, administration, malpractice, etc.) at no cost to you, and receive a set rate per patient seen. Either way, your income is significantly enhanced.


Contact us today to get the details.

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