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Customizable Service Line Solution for every wound care Physician and Center.

Wound Care United’s philosophy and business model are designed to meet the needs of physicians, wound care specialists, home care, ambulatory surgery centers, wound care therapy centers, and long-term care facilities. Our goal is to equip these essential medical practices with practical, financial, and developmental advantages. We begin with a market assessment and pro forma projections, recognizing that the financial arrangement and center performance are crucial to a successful wound center from the start and over time.


By streamlining administrative tasks and simplifying documentation, we empower them to serve more people in need and focus on delivering high-quality care rather than becoming burdened by administrative work. Collaborating with Wound Care United allows physicians to enhance their wound care capabilities, provide optimal treatment to patients, and achieve improved healthcare outcomes.


Whether you are looking to start a new outpatient Wound Treatment Program or transition management of your existing program, we can help you design a cost-effective, evidence-based, and quality-driven Wound Treatment Program!